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Thứ Sáu, 29 tháng 9, 2017



Hair extensions from A to Z

1. What is the hair extensions?

Similar to the question of what is a wigs, hair extension is also one of the fashion items about hair, which is used by many young girl. Each of the hair extensions will have different length, as well as trendy hairstyles on the market combined with trendy hair colors, which allow the girls to create different looks. It can help you change your hairstyle regularly without spending too much time in the hairdresser and waiting too long to get your desired length of hair.

2. How many are kind of hair extensions? 

In terms of use, hair extensions are now divided into many main categories, including: weft hair machine, ponytail hair, hand tied weft hair, closure, clip-in

With weave hair machine, which is considered the dominant brand in the hair extensions market, which is the popular choice of many girls because of the convenience and ease of use. There are two ways that girls usually apply weft hair in her head such as sewing directly with their natural hair or make wigs.

With hand-tied weft hair, in terms of usage is the same as with weft hair machine, the only difference between the two products is the process of creating the product. Hand tied weft is handmade product. So the weft line is thinner and more natural than weft hair. But the time to make this product is longer than weft hair machine.

What is a ponytail hair extensions? This is the product that most of the stylists, hair salon in the world use for customers beside weft hair. With this product, they can make any kind of hair extensions they want.

3. How many methods of connecting hair on the market today 

There are 6 methods of connecting hair on the market. Includes glue, cold tip (i-tip), hair glued, sewn directly onto the head and hair clamped

With each method, there are various advantages and disadvantages, you should carefully study to choose the method suitable for yourself.

If you are not a patient person or you are too busy, you can’t spend 6-8 hours in hair salon. I think the method of glue, cold connection isn't good method you should use. Because with this technique, the stylist must attach the small pieces of hair extensions to the small parts of your own hair, one by one. This is mean that it takes several hours to complete a perfect hairstyle. That is the reason why it is more expensive than other methods. Depending on the thickness of your hair you must use 2 or 3 bundles. When done properly, enlarged hair will blend naturally with your hair. It bring you a perfect appearance. But remember that if your hair is thin, but the hair is weak, this is probably not the best method for you.

In the case,you have the time and you do not want to pay too much for hair extensions,you can choose choose one of the other appropriate methods, such as clip in or weave hair machine . The price of this method is not too expensive, and you can make right at home by yourself. So you can save a lot of money.

4. What should you know before buying hair extensions

"Why should I believe your company?", "Why should I believe you will send me hair after I have paid?" This is one of many questions our new customers ask us to answer when we support them for the first time. Do you recognize yourself behind these questions as you are learning the information and want to order online with this kind of item? Many customers say they are afraid of buying online. This is a fact and it is not too difficult to understand. Let come to the next part of the article to explore more about the tips you should read about choosing hair and taking care your hair extensions.

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